How does one start playing ‘Overwatch’ as an adult?

Jessica Conditt
Senior Reporter

Hello, fellow adult. Why don’t we discuss this matter in my sitting room, over a nice glass of chardonnay? We can also talk about politics, our gluten sensitivities and how much we hate Mondays. Just like real grown-ups.

OK, that was a bit harsh — but I hope you see my point. Luckily for you, me and a ton of my friends, there’s no rule barring adults from playing Overwatch, so I hope age alone doesn’t prevent you from diving into what is truly a great game. However, there’s also no rule stopping 12-year-olds (or 56-year-olds) from calling you names when you switch from Mercy to Hanzo mid-round.

Your best bet is to just start playing! Seriously. Set aside whatever anxiety is holding you back and play. You’ll only be able to join casual matches at first, until you’ve leveled up enough to unlock the competitive mode. Plus, you can always practice against bots. By the time competitive mode unlocks, you should feel fairly comfortable with a handful of characters and eager to show off your mad skills. But, if you’re not ready for prime time, it’s perfectly fine to stick to Quick Play matches, where the stakes aren’t as high. As for the trolls, there’s an option to mute in-game chat. Done and done.

You’ll have good games and you’ll have bad games, just like everyone else. Even the obnoxious, 12-year-old Junkrat main on your team. Don’t let the fear of ridicule keep you from having a great time.

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